Perfect Holiday Gift

Thank you for making 2018 a fantastic year for the Perfect Holiday Gift program. If you are interested in participating in the 2019 program, please check back with us in November.

Give presents. Give meals. Give hope.

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Heartfelt thanks from our Thornton families, partners, and staff!

A time in our lives
“Thank you for your generosity. This has come at a time in our lives that we did not expect. Your gifts will make this Christmas a true blessing and we are truly blessed. May your Christmas be filled with happiness, joy and peace”.

Joy and smiles
“To those that gave to my family . . . I hope you know you have brought joy and smiles and have made Christmas for us. Thank you so much!”

From the bottom of my heart
“Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated from my son and myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Three days away from Christmas I know my son will enjoy it. Thank you – God bless you, merry Christmas and happy new year!”

Tears of happiness & gratitude
“I want to thank you for all your help with providing for the family I referred this year for Christmas. I just received a call from the mother and she was crying with overwhelming JOY and wanted to thank everyone for making their Christmas beautiful. She is in shock of the amount of gifts received and is so thankful. I know she is sending in a letter with a picture of her family to the family that donated to them and the city of Thornton. My heart is filled with warmth from her response to me. Thanks to everyone and I love when these stories end with many blessings. Thank you all again”.

Genuine care
“Thank you for your genuine care for our Thornton families. I had the pleasure of speaking with a mother today and she was in awe at the level of care and concern you showed her throughout her Perfect Holiday Gift experience. I’m so glad to have all of you as representatives of our team”.

People giving help . . . a wonderful experience
“We are a big family that was in need this year and if it wasn't for the perfect holiday gift program I don’t know what we would’ve done for our children. It has been a wonderful experience for me that I’ve never had with people giving help!”

A family excited to adopt a family
“Thank you for allowing us to take part in such wonderful project. Our family was very excited to adopt a family and buy gifts for each family member. We felt like we knew them as we were labeling each gift with their name. I hope they enjoy this holiday season and hope we have made a difference during this time. This was quite a rewarding experience, we will be thinking of them!”

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who helped to make this possible; your generosity, partnership and such unconditional support have brought so much joy and hope to so many families and children this Season; they know they are surrounded by a loving community!

Community Connections Division
Perfect Holiday Gift 2018


Some families in our Thornton community are struggling and cannot afford to purchase Christmas gifts or even a holiday meal. You can help! We can connect you to a deserving family. These families have been referred to the program by a participating Case Manager.

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Assistance Applicants

Please note that the Perfect Holiday Gift program only partners with participating Case Managers that apply on behalf of their clients that are most in need. We welcome you to look into some of these other organizations that may be of assistance using the holiday resources link.

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Case Managers

Are you a participating, approved Case Manager? Login to apply on behalf of your clients, and check the status of your clients’ applications.

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