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Family #1128 2 adults, 1 child

Sarah has been a single mother for the entirely of Annie’s life up until about a month ago when Marcus, Annie's father was released from prison. He was serving time for a drug charge and finally got to get out on probation. Marcus was injured on the job prior to his imprisonment and had to have his leg amputated. The family is happy to be reunited, but there readjustment period has not ended and the family is having a bit of a difficult time. Mom works providing nanny services, but lost her most recent position without warning due to the family she was nanny for not informing her of the temporary nature of the position. She has yet to find a new job, but is looking and trying her best to find work. Marcus has been working in a position doing construction and is also starting to work as a tattoo artist again, which is his passion - but is having a hard time building up his clientele. Therefore, the family is still struggling financially. It would be a big help if they could get assistance with holiday gifts as it would take some financial pressure off of them.

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Family #1134 1 adult, 1 child

T is the single mother of a 13 year old son. T recently put herself through school to become a minister and currently volunteers with her church while seeking employment. T lives on a very limited income and relies on occasional speaking jobs to provide for herself and her son.

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Family #1136 2 adults, 1 child

Grandparents have been raising kiddo since he was age 3.5 months. Grandfather does not work due to medical issues and age. Grandmother is the caretaker for grandfather, and kiddo. Grandmother ensures kiddo and grandpa get to all appointments. Grandmother provides financially for the family by panhandling when she can as the family is unable to get by with government assistance alone. Kiddo's parents are alive and come visit kiddo; however, do not take responsibility for raising him, or help the grandparents in anyway. Kiddo has several special needs, and he is the top priority for the grandparents as they ensure he gets all the services he needs to be successful. The family lives in a trailer where there is often no heat and they are forced to use space heaters. Grandmother reported her biggest wish is to have the whole family back together and living together. The family is unable to have hot meals due to electrical issues, and would love a precooked Christmas dinner.

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Family #1139 2 adults, 1 child

single mom who is disabled with a disabled autistic son and teenage daughter. Leaving on disability and no further income.

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Family #1140 3 adults, 1 child

Single grandmother with disability income only. Health problems asthma, arthritis. and bad knees. Financial hard times needs help.

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Family #1141 5 adults, 0 children

Grandparents on a fixed income taking care of special needs granddaughter with constant nursing care, along with daughter, husband, sibling, and son all under one roof.

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Family #1143 4 adults, 0 children

Grandmother helping to raise grandchildren. Has heart condition and blood disorder. Working part-time trying to make ends meet.

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Family #1146 1 adult, 2 children

Both children are being raised by their grandmother who is currently on disability, and has little means to provide more than the basic needs for the family. Mother of both children lives in the home; however, does not help raise the children or support grandmother. The family lives off of the grandmother's disability, and often worries if rent will be made for trailer they live in. Within the last year the family's shed with most of their possession's was burned down leaving them with less than they already had. The family is able to cook hot meals.

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Family #2159 1 adult, 5 children

FM is the mother of 5 children who was recently laid off from her job due to budget cuts. The children's father had to return to another country to care for his aging parents and has had a hard time finding work to be able to send money home. FM is hardworking, responsible, and very involved in her children's lives. Although she is trying hard to find another job, she has had no luck and her expenses have eaten into almost all of her savings. Because of the many struggles she has had in her life, FM wants to ensure her children do well in school and have every opportunity to succeed. This is a very loving, thoughtful, deserving, and grateful family.

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